Hey guys, hope you’re having a great year, and kids I hope you had a great holidays. 

Just to let you all know we are making a few changes to the timetable for various reasons. 

Firstly, there will no longer be kids class on a Thursday, only on Tuesday’s at the same time 4-5pm. 

Secondly, there will no longer be fighters classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings; instead the senior classes on Monday and Wednesday’s will extend until 8pm. Junior classes as normal. 

We are doing something new on Thursday evenings starting this term, so watch this space! We will also be having some events this term such as an appreciation dinner for our loyal supporters, and also a mid winter Christmas dinner for everyone plus whanau. 

If you would like to know more about jumping on board and supporting us financially, please check out our supporters page on our website. 

Lastly as most of you already know, Talor won his A class fight two weeks ago at Shurikens return to Vegas fight night and is now amateur lightweight champion. All glory to the Lord! 

Have a blessed week! 

The board of Lion’s Den