Moving Building

Hey Guys,

As a lot of you are aware Lion’s Den is moving premises on the 1st of October to 110 Cameron Street.
Due to the large amount of jobs needing to be completed and the upcoming school holidays.
Lion’s Den will be putting our classes on hold for the duration of the school holidays these dates being 26th September to 7th October.

The Last class at our old Facility being our Mums fitness class on
Friday 23rd September
Classes will resume on
Monday 10th October
At the new facility
110 Cameron Street.

Another thing to keep in mind is that with the move we have taken the opportunity to redo our registration forms, this means that everyone will be asked to complete the new registration forms upon arrival at the new gym. With this in mind we simply ask for your patience and cooperation as we set out in this new Chapter of Lion’s Den.

God Bless

The Lion’s Den Team